The Radical
Self-Care Summit 2022

From burnout to inspired life - Discover the power and magic of radical self-care


What is the
Radical Self-care Summit?

We all need energy, vitality and inspiration to thrive in life

worried mum

Are you juggling work, family, friends and other commitments and wondering when there will be time for YOU?

burnout mum

Can you feel yourself burning out but can’t find the bandwidth to slow down?

depressed man

Do you feel completely overwhelmed by the whole idea of self-care with no clue where to start?

If you're doing life at full-tilt, burnout is just around the corner

While you are running life at full-tilt, in the back of your mind you know that burnout is just around the corner – and it isn’t a case of if… it’s a case of when. Yet, somehow self-care always falls to the bottom of the priority list. And, it may feel like nothing will ever change.

We all know we should take care of ourselves but somehow, putting our wellbeing first occurs as self-indulgent or selfish. And yet we live in an age where depression is one of the leading causes of disability and a major contributor to the burden of disease globally.*


The truth is, practicing self-care...

achieve goals

Empowers you to accomplish your goals

vitality and creativity

Enhances your creativity and vitality


Builds resilience in stressful times

grows capacity to love

Grows your capacity to love and serve others

almed flowers

Enables you to show empathy and compassion in a world that sorely needs it

live a healthy life

Leads the way to a more mindful, healthy and fulfilling life

So, if you’re surviving life rather than thriving in it, we’re committed to showing you how to reclaim your life, your health and energy so you can truly show up for family, friends and life without burnout, martyrdom or overwhelm running the show… not just on self-care day, but every day.

This is what the Radical Self-care Summit is designed to do

Featuring the wit and wisdom of 28 inspirational experts over 3 days you’ll learn simple, effective ways to practice radical self-care that improves your health, well-being and mindset, no matter where you are on your journey–all from the comfort of your own home.

Maybe you feel:

  • You’ve tried a myriad of personal development programs and you still feel like you’re running on empty
  • Stuck, like there is never enough money or time to truly look after yourself, eat well and exercise
  • No matter what you do to improve your life, your circumstances and the needs of others get in the way and derail you
  • Whatever it is for you, it’s time to change the conversation in your head about self-care and look after you

Meet your hosts

Cara Szellemes

Cara Szellemes - 180Selfcare Founder and Host

I realized nobody was coming to rescue me, so to save myself from mentally drowning, I started practicing and documenting daily acts of radical self-care on Instagram. 

Taking that first step was the hardest part of all. The voice in my head was going nuts. “You don’t deserve this. You’re not enough. You’ll probably flake out. You never finish anything you start. You’re….[imagine all the negative self-talk you can think of].”

But I knew if I did nothing, nothing would change.

Within a week, I noticed such a dramatic shift in how I was feeling and thinking, I committed myself to 180 days. My life had literally done a 180! Now, I’ve nearly completed one year!

And the journey has been far from easy. Radical self-care has been my life-line during some of the hardest experiences of my life (you can read my full story on the blog).

And over the past year that I’ve been practising self-care daily, with intention, I’ve noticed I experience less anxiety, I feel stronger both physically and mentally, I’m more present, more creative, and more able to pour into others.

Now, this challenge is about more than just me. Seeing that others wanted a new foundation, I founded 180Selfcare – a community and a movement to empower 1 million people to beat anxiety and depression through the power and magic of Radical Self-care.

The Radical Self-care Summit is part of that mission and I’d love you to be a part of it.

Cate Caruth

Cate Caruth - Creative Words Founder and Co-host

At first, it was all about survival – surgery, chemo, radiotherapy – but then I woke up to the fact that life was too short to hang about and I started doing the things that gave me joy.

I visited Pompeii and Egypt, I moved to my favourite part of the world and I self-published my first book – fulfilling my life’s ambition to be a writer. 

But cancer doesn’t leave you and somehow that dark cloud was always there. Add in a whole bunch of drugs and plenty of comfort eating and I wasn’t in a great place (it gets better in a minute, I promise!)

Ten years on, I hit a ‘perfect storm’ of emotional challenges. I lost my Dad, I was on a work project that drained me every moment of every day and I was at my most unfit and unhealthy ever. 

I burned out and took a 6 month sabbatical to recover. 

In that time I came across a life coach (one of the guest speakers at this Summit, as it happens) and he changed my perspective of the world in every way possible. 

I quit sugar, stepped away from processed food, started journaling, walking and looking after myself. And, more importantly, I realised that the life I was living wasn’t the one I wanted, so I quit the day job and started my ‘joy job’ – being the writer I’d always wanted to be. 

I’m committed to taking care of myself and living my true purpose and I want to help everyone else do the same. 


The Radical Self-care Summit will run from 24th to 26th June 2022, with a variety of presentations to choose from each day.


You’ll also have access to the 180Selfcare dedicated community and Club House club for the summit and beyond, so you can share your experiences and be supported to join the movement and go on your own Radical Self-care journey.


As the summit is global, we’ll run the event online. That way, you can tune in to the summit from anywhere.

We’ll also have live Q&A sessions on Clubhouse every day so you can connect and interact with other participants and our guest speakers.


In the lead up to and during the summit we’ll be giving away 5 all-access passes plus 180Selfcare swag bags and lots of other fun prizes.


Presentations will be up to 45 minutes in length. Each day’s presentations will be available FREE for 24-hours so you don’t need to sit around waiting for the ‘right time’ or stay up late.

Lifetime Access Pass

After registering, you can also upgrade to gain access to the 180Selfcare Full Cup Club. That means you’ll get lifetime access to presentations and worksheets, plus premium bonuses from our speakers and us. You won’t want to miss it!

The Power & Magic of
Radical Self-care

The world is full of quick-fixes and fast-tracks for everything and that applies for wellbeing as much as for every other type of online conference. Why should this be any different? 

First, we aren’t giving you, “Five easy steps…” to anywhere and there won’t be any empty promises or magic pills, potions, tools or tasks that are the answer to all your dreams (#sorrynotsorry). 

We’ve carefully selected experts in the various fields of health, mindset, entrepreneurship, wellness and mental resilience who can share their wisdom with you so you can decide what will work best for you. 

More importantly, this summit is just the start of your 180Selfcare journey. By coming to this three-day online event, you will have access to a community of people who are eager to make the small daily steps it takes to serve others by first taking care of themselves.

The Radical Self-care Summit Speakers

Billy Schwer

World boxing champion, Founder and Author

How to win more often

Azul Terronez
Azul Terronez

Founder, Authors who lead and bestselling author

How to build a meaningful business without the hustle, grind or burnout

Pete Cohen
Pete Cohen

Mi365 Founder and bestselling author

How to create a fantastic future

James Schramko
James Schramko

Lifestyle Entrepreneur Coach

How to work less and make more

The Merrymaker Sisters
Carla & Emma Papas

Merry Body Founders

Self-care: It’s not just bubble baths and you don’t need hours

Kassandra Kuehl
Kassandra Kuehl

Evoq Beauty Founder

Self-care in the age of Web3

Sheryl Anjanette
Sheryl Anjanette

Anjanette Wellness Founder

Getting past imposter syndrome

Rick Cowley
Rick Cowley

Vysion Quest Founder

Fulfilling your purpose

Austen El-Osta
Austen El-Osta

Head of SCARU

Selfcare for 21st Century living

Erika Bell
Erika Bell

Beautiful Girl Gone Keto Founder

Identify what you want for yourself

Christine Mullaney
Christine Mullaney

TedX Speaker and Brain-based coach

How to turn FEAR into FORCE

Harrison Meagher
Harrison Meagher

Holistic Self-love coach

3 Powerful Ways to Heal & Transform Through Self-love

Ilana Jankowitz
Ilana Jankowitz

Money Mindset Coach

Self-care and your money mindset

Dre McLaughlin
Dre McLaughlin

Authority Brand Coach, Author and Podcaster

There’s a devil in every level

Lane Kennedy
Lane Kennedy

Connected Calm Life Founder & Podcaster

Why it’s important to live mindfully and How to become more mindful in your everyday life

Frank Soonius
Frank Soonius

Author, Trapped in a Dream

Trapped in a dream

Jo Berry
Jo Berry

International Peace Ambassador

Building peace with yourself and in the world
Max Kersting
Max Kersting

Regimen Founder & CEO

The case for self-care in modern medical tech

Jessica McIlveen
Jessica McIlveen

Happy Home Program Founder and CEO

The myths around children’s emotions

Seth Perler
Seth Perler

Executive Function Coach and Host of The Executive Function Summit

Self-care and executive function

Mary Steadman
Mary Steadman

Lura Lifestyle Management Co-founder

Serving Yourself To Best Serve Others-5 Cs

Sherri Lojzer

Certified applied neuroscience consultant & Coach

Feeling all the feels

Judith Kohlheim
Judith Kohlheim

Keto4theSoul Founder

Changing the narrative of your future

James Peters
James Peters

Ultramarathon Runner and Transformation Coach

Rewiring your brain for happiness

Triple J
Triple J

Health Change Champion

The impact of lifestyle changes on your health

David Baker
David Baker

Life Coach & Host of Positivity Rocks Podcast

How to go from stuck to unstoppable

Cate Caruth
Cate Caruth

Creative Words Founder and RSCS co-host

Welcome to the summit & Three little words

Cara Szellemes
Cara Szellemes

180Selfcare Founder and RSCS co-host

Welcome to the summit and How self-care unleashes your creativity

It's time to...

Invest in yourself so you can build your capacity to serve others

Take the steps which are right for YOU for your health and wellbeing

Connect with those who can support you as you shift your life, one day at a time, to the one you want.

Feel amazing everyday by being part of 180Selfcare through the Radical Self-care Summit