Create a more inspired and connected life through radical self-care

Kickstart your radical self-care practice in this 4 week guided experience with 180Selfcare founder Cara Szellemes

If you’re surviving life rather than thriving in it, I want to show you how you can reclaim your life, your health and energy so you can truly show up for family, friends and life without burnout, martyrdom or overwhelm running the show… not just on self-care day, but every day.

Practicing intentional self-care...

achieve goals

Empowers you to accomplish your goals

vitality and creativity

Enhances your creativity and vitality


Builds resilience in stressful times

grows capacity to love

Grows your capacity to love and serve others

almed flowers

Enables you to show empathy and compassion in a world that sorely needs it

live a healthy life

Leads the way to a more mindful, healthy and fulfilling life

Kickstart your intentional self-care practice with support

Setting an intention to look after yourself is the best first step to radical self-care. Actually fulfilling your intentions is the next. But how do you get started and keep going?

That’s what I’m committed to showing you. 

Kickstart your self-care practice over 4 weeks in this live group coaching experience via Zoom.

Bringing all my skills as a professional communicator and highly trained personal development coach, as well as the lessons from my 365+ days of radical self-care practice, I will meet with you weekly for 4 weeks in live online sessions to empower your self-care practice so you can create a truly inspired life every day not just on self-care days.

We kick off on August 1 and all sessions will be recorded.

“The 180SelfCare movement has had such a positive impact in my life. It has reinforced what I teach, that in order to serve others one needs to serve yourself first.  If more people took care of themselves they could really take care of others and our planet.  Thank you Cara for sharing your love of self care to the world! The work you are doing is having a positive impact to so many and I can’t wait to watch the 180SelfCare Movement grow!”

Mary Steadman, Co Founder & Director-LURA Lifestyle & Stiel and Steadman Service Solutions Tweet

"I wanted you to know I’ve been steadily making my way through the self-care summit and have shared your inspiring story with quite a few people. You truly are doing something amazing. The quality of speakers you have had and the way you have interviewed them has blown away me."

Gill Stanley, Holistic Health Practitioner Tweet

What you get with the 4 week guided self-care experience

An overview of our four weeks together

Meet your guide

Cara Szellemes

Cara Szellemes - 180Selfcare Founder

Cara Szellemes is the no. 1 bestselling author of Your Brilliant Un-career: Women, Entrepreneurship, and Making the Leap and the founder of 180Selfcare. She’s a multi-award-winning marketer and communication specialist, a former tech startup founder and CEO and a mum to three amazing young men. As a woman with ADHD and a mother of autistic children, she’s also a strong advocate for neurodiversity and radical self-care.

Cara is a communication professional with a Master’s degree in Business (Communication Studies). She has been a business and executive communication coach for over 10 years and has trained and coached with one of the most rigorous personal and professional development training organisations in the world, Landmark. She has coached on the Self Expression and Leadership Program as well as various personal development seminars over the past five years. More recently she has trained with peak performance coach Pete Cohen.

In 2021 Cara started her own daily radical self-care practice and established 180Selfcare after experiencing a dramatic shift in her own life. She is now into her second year of practicing and posting about her self-care practice every single day.

Plus, for every Person who registers, I’ll be making a donation to worthy causes around the world that support SDG 3

It's time to...

Invest in yourself so you can build your capacity to serve others

Take the steps which are right for YOU for your health and wellbeing

Connect with those who can support you as you shift your life, one day at a time, to the one you want.

Feel inspired everyday with 180Selfcare because your life is worth living well!